We Need Your Custom

An Appeal for Support

Thanks to Covid – the last couple of years have changed the way we all shop. Your community shop adapted to make everyone safer, maintaining a level of service and products that made the pain we all suffered a little more bearable.

Our prices were kept as competitive as possible, we stayed open every day and even offered a free delivery service to those who needed it. With your help, we not only survived, but we thrived, and the significant Government financial assistance helped too.

But now we are concerned. Shopping patterns and habits have changed again, and we are now facing a whole new set of challenging conditions, which are turning out to be much more difficult to deal with. Our costs are increasing, margins squeezed, overhead costs up, cash reserves reduced and most significantly we have seen a reduced footfall and spend in the shop.

We respect that everyone is facing rising costs from all angles, however all we ask is that you consider spending a little more with your Community Shop each week to help us turn the corner. Just 10 more customers spending £10 a day will see our turnover increase by £2500 per month.
Remember – we cater for everyone. From Happy Shopper tinned tomatoes to washing up liquid and loo rolls. We can help out with the odd emergency too – pharmacy items, stationery, greeting cards – not forgetting the all-important chocolates, beer and wine.

A letter from the WCSA Committee

Collection for Refugees

Woodgreen Shop is organising a collection of useful items for Ukrainian refugees. Think “ Warmth, Hygiene, Nutrition”

This can include warm and practical clothes, sleeping bags, blankets gloves, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene, and food that is ready to eat. Even Pot Noodles! These are just some examples and remember that most of the refugees are women, children and the elderly.

Please bring your contribution to the Shop on Thursday 7th April from 9 to 12 noon. In bags please. We will then deliver it to a main sorting centre.

David about to set off with a collection organised by Hale Village Hall earlier this month.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: Sunday 27th March. Have you got a card? And how about some chocolates or wine, or a smart new shopping bag perhaps, or maybe some flowers (70p each or 3 for £2 – selling fast!)?

Shopping Bags

We’ve just received these smart, laminated jute shopping bags (only £5.95 each). There’s a choice of two styles with either short, soft cotton handles or shoulder-length jute straps. Buy two of each and be amazed at how much shopping you can carry in one trip!