‘Back to the Future’

We held a tasting event on Friday 27th May – for the first time in nearly 3 years. There were four wines and four beers to sample, and a hamper of goodies to keep everyone going.

The False Bay Chenin Blanc and the Le Fou Pinot Noir definitely edged the wines, and in the beers, Downton Dream and Honey Blonde scored well. The trout pâté is always well received (“creamiest, loveliest and tastiest”) with the new pork pies and vegetarian sausage rolls close behind. Apple juice (“delicious and crisp”), tomatoes (“excellent”) and the fig relish (“would make a lovely Christmas present”) all did well too.

Our thanks to the many helpers, not least Julie and Sue for their valuable experience in setting up, our terrific teens, Alex, Georgina and Barnaby for their devotion to duty on the night, and David, our sommelier and tireless fetcher and carrier.

Brook Hill Wines

We now have a full house of wines from Brook Hill Vineyard (just up the road in Bramshaw) including its marvellous red. The vineyard only makes 300 bottles and we have 3 cases. Our head sommelier says this red is guaranteed to change your perceptions of English reds – for the better. It has just won a bronze medal at The IEWA 2022 awards.

New Layout

Katy and the team have been working extra hard giving the shop a shelving makeover and reorganisation. We hope you like it!

Tasting Events are back!

We have a great new tasting event on Friday 27th May showcasing some of the wonderful food, wine and beer stocked in the shop. There’ll be a glass of Prosecco on arrival, hampers on every table stuffed with your favourites (and a few new additions) and, to wash it all down, there’ll be a fine selection of wines and beers to sample. Tickets on sale now!