10th Anniversary

The ‘New’ shop was officially opened on this day in 2011. We are holding 10th birthday celebrations in the car park on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th May. Please come on down for a glass of Prosecco and/or a cake in the car park and to reminisce about the last decade.

New English Wines

Just in.., three new wines from Brook Hill Vineyard , a family-run vineyard just down the road in Bramshaw.

“Brook Hill Still White 2020” (50% Bacchus, 25% Ortega, 25% Chardonnay): Floral and fruity aromas with some tropical flavours – all coming through on the palate with a well-balanced acidity. A delicious wine for the summer.

“Brook Hill Still Rosé 2019” (75% Dornfelder and 25% Pinot Noir). Bronze medal: Independent English Wine Awards 2020. A lovely ripe rosé wine, with stone fruit flavours especially cherry coming through, and a delightful hint of smoke.

“Brook Hill Sparkling Rosé 2017” (50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir): A sparkling wine with a beautiful pale golden blush. There are citrus aromas and flavours of nectarine and honey, with a refreshing finish – deliciously drinkable!

Doggie Ices

Hey, all you human owners out there! We’ve just got some Billy + Margot UK Strawberry & Apple Iced Treats in stock. Quick! Go get your lead and drag your human down to the shop to buy some before Hetty eats them all!