We have to now request that there are NO MORE THAN 4 CUSTOMERS IN SHOP at any one time so that the guideline social distances can be maintained. We recognise that we have been extremely busy and it has been difficult to avoid other people whilst shopping. So, when you arrive at the shop, please look to see how many customers are already there and if it looks like 4 please wait until someone leaves before entering.


If you need the POST OFFICE and there is already someone being served as well as someone waiting please wait until one person leaves before entering the shop.

We kindly request that everyone shows, respect, kindness and consideration for staff and customers and maintains a distance whilst in the shop and at the Post Office counter. It is our aim to remain open for our Community and we can all help by following these simple guidelines.


We have already introduced the ordering system and we would like to encourage as many of you as possible to use this. We have secured a group of volunteers to undertake deliveries. Additionally, you are very welcome to email or phone an order to be picked and packed for you so that you can collect – thereby reducing the time you are in the shop – you just have to come in, pay & collect, or it goes on your account if you have one. Not quite click & collect but as good as we can make it with our present IT system!

I trust you can all appreciate why we are making these requests and will adhere to them to support the efforts we are making to remain open and as safe as possible.

Many thanks, Julia