Home Farm

Address: Home Farm, Hale, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2RE
Tel: 01725 512351
Email: studfarmlivery@googlemail.co.uk

“We produce mature beef from our herd of White Park cattle. Traditionally matured for 28 days, it is beautifully marbled with lines of fat running through each piece. This delicious beef will remind you of how beef used to taste.”

According to the White Park Cattle Society:
“White Park Cattle are a very old breed of beef cattle, kept in Britain for more than 2000 years but which are now rare. They are closely descended from Britain’s original wild white cattle that were enclosed in parks by the nobility during the middle ages.”

“White Park beef is lean, tasty and well marbled and it cooks beautifully. When properly hung for 3 weeks or so, joints will shrink very little on cooking and the natural juices produced will be full of flavour. White Park is best cooked at a slightly lower temperature, over a longer period of time than modern beef breeds. The meat is much sought after and sold by name in top restaurants and butchers.”

Images from http://www.newforest-life.com