We’ve introduced a few changes over the last few days to ensure a safe and efficient environment for customers, staff and volunteers – all is going ok at the moment and feels much calmer. We thank everyone for complying with the changes and the amazing staff and volunteers for their dedication.

REMINDER – We can do orders for collection too so your time in the shop is minimized, and all your favourite local products are still available – lots of lovely meat, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, and bread!

One important message we need to ask of all account holders – please can you remember to make more regular payments to us? A couple of times a month would be great. We have opened lots of new accounts and we need to monitor our cash flow carefully, so you can help us by making regular payments. When you pay by BACS don’t forget to quote your account number and/or name!

Once again, thank you for your continued support – we are trying hard to stay open for business, if not quite “open all hours” now.

Responsible social distancing in the shop queue!