Woodgreen’s Top Five Wines




Quite rightly, it’s our customers who have the final say in the choice of wines available. Working with our wine merchant, Graham, of New Forest Wines, we stock our shelves with wines we think you will appreciate in both taste and value. Then, using a combination of customer feedback and analysis of sales, we drop wines (not literally – although Reg does occasionally) that are not ‘hitting the Woodgreen palate’ and introduce something different for your consideration. Obviously we stick with the wines that you buy the most so let’s have a look at our top five best sellers over the past 6 months.

Out in front, by quite a distant, is the Bodegos Borsao. A very enjoyable old vine garnacha that The Observer wine critic selected as one of his best 6 bargain wines in the world!  He remarked and I quote: “this is a genuine example of a wine that punches way above its weight.”  Well, at £5.99, you can let your palate and purse decide.

Next comes the smooth and rounded Accomplice Chardonnay that so many of you have positively remarked on. Very popular, domestically, in Australia and now many in Woodgreen and about are enjoying that rich, tropical fruit character for a price of £7.49.

A credible 3rd belongs to Cuvee Jean-Paul Gascogne Sec. A fresh, dry and aromatic white from SW France.  Based on the local grape varieties Colombard and Ugni Blanc this is a great alternative to a Sauvignon Blanc at a bargain price of £6.49.

Deserving of 4th because it is so good, this Côtes du Rhône Villages ‘Les Coteaux’ Boutinot also punches above its weight at the price of £8.99. It is a classic Grenache/Syrah blend from a great vintage in the Southern Rhône.

At 5th, one of our original best sellers, Principato Pinot Grigio. 100% Pinot Grigio, crisp and fresh.  Slips down very easily for £6.99.

Watch out however!  ‘Thundering’ up on the rails, having been introduced but a few weeks ago is Percheron Chenin Viognier. The perfect blend and a real bargain from the Cape at £6.99.  A lot of customers are liking this one!  So much so that I thought I had better look at a Percheron red.  I’ve now tasted the Percheron Shiraz Mourvedre. Wow!  It’s a big, rich, warm wine with a pepper& spice finish. Right up my street. By the time you read this it will definitely be on the shelf at the bargain price of £6.99. Try it on its own, with steak or the Sunday roast.

Supporting our local producers, we have on the shelves a fine Somborne Valley Estate White made from Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes at £9.99 and just in, a Beaulieu Estate White at £10.99 which is so crisp, dry and local, just like many of our customers!

Keep an eye out for bin ends at reduced prices.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone so don’t come moaning to me as you did when Jim Barrys’ Clare Valley reds sold out! (Well they were £5 off a bottle)

Finally, not to be sniffed at or spit out; we give 5% discount and free delivery on each pre-ordered case of 6 bottles; and you’ll get your loyalty card stamped. What a wonderful shop!

Drink responsibly and enjoy.