Thank You, Julie!

Julie was due to retire in April but she stayed on to help the shop through a difficult time. Now, hopefully with the worst behind us, Julie is finally managing to retire on August 12th.

Starting in the ‘old shop’, she has been with Woodgreen shop for over 13 years. Julie worked tirelessly to set up the new shop and everything there today is down to her hard work. She led a growing team of staff and volunteers, training them up and supporting them.

Julie leads the way to the turf-cutting ceremony in 2010, celebrating the start of construction of the new shop.

Always cheerful, kind and with endless energy, she knows all the customers so well, knows exactly what they want, and always makes sure we are stocking their favourite items. She will be so sadly missed by staff, volunteers and customers and we are all hoping she will be back to visit us regularly.

Julie with a small selection of the staff and volunteers in 2016

Now she will have some time for her beautiful garden and time to spend with her family and friends. We all wish her the best of luck in her retirement and hope to see her again really soon.

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