Plastic Waste

Fruit and Veg display
No unnecessary plastic wrapping here!

The environmental impact of plastic waste is very much in the public spotlight and we intend to do what we can to reduce plastic use in the Shop even further. Much is probably outside of our control but, where we can, we will do our best to reduce unnecessary use of plastic bags, straws and cups:

  • Having reduced our usage of plastic carrier bags by over 80% since introducing a 5p charge, we now intend to go the whole mile and stop offering them altogether (we will have a free alternative for any meat that needs to be separately wrapped).
  • As an alternative, we will be offering strong paper carrier bags. These will also cost 5p, which is a small loss to the shop.
  • Wherever possible we will offer you a cardboard box for free, as we do now.
  • We will continue to sell our Woodgreen Shop canvas bag.
  • We will no longer be selling plastic straws when current stocks run out. A paper based alternative will be found.
  • We will be looking for a suitable, non-plastic, disposable cup. We offer china cups already and, if you bring your own cup for a takeaway, we will reduce the cost by 10%.

Our target date for all of this is 1st June 2018. We hope you agree with these small but valuable steps to a better environment.