EPOS Explained

As Customers you may have seen – or heard – the word EPOS whilst in the shop. No it is not an appeal to the God of Retailers, but an acronym for Electronic Point of Sale.

You may also have seen the Staff stabbing the screen of the display unit on the counter with a finger; this is because the screen is touch sensitive and records each touch (they are not trying to break it!!).

The EPOS is a computer system which lists every item that is on the shelves or in storage, and many that were stocked but are no longer but may return at some future date, over 3000 items in all. It also has many other functions such as calculating VAT, producing monthly sales records, providing stock movement records, minimum stock levels for re-ordering and so on.
This is all achieved by utilising the bar code which is on the majority of items. The bar code is an industry – and world – wide method of marking a product to indicate the manufacturer and its catalogue reference number. By a system of bars and spaces the code gives a 13 figure reference so that the EPOS scanner identifies the item and records the details. If some items won’t scan because of indistinct bar codes or shiny packaging there are normal numbers under the bar code which can be used.

Twice a week stocks are replenished from various suppliers and the details added to the computer records, existing stocks are topped up and new records created for new items.
These days, with so many Inspectors of this and that all eager to take our money a system like EPOS is essential to provide accurate records for these people as well as keeping our shop well stocked and running efficiently.

Derek Minns

Tasting Evenings

As part of the Lottery Funded Local Food Development and Outreach Programme we will be running three tasting evenings in Woodgreen Village Hall. In preparation for the opening of the new shop, we plan to arrange a series of three evenings in the village hall, to try out new products and hopefully, get ideas from you, our valued customers. They will be staged in January, February and March, and each one will feature new products that we hope will tickle your taste buds!

The first evening will be staged on Friday 21st January from 7.00 to 9.00 pm. At this event we plan to present you with more delicious new cheeses, chutneys and savoury pies, most will be locally sourced. In order to make it a good evening on a possibly cold winter’s night, we plan to run a bar, and hope that all our shareholders and any stray relatives or friends who happen to be with you at the time, will join us.

The other two events will be staged on Friday 18th February and Friday 19th March, so please put these dates in your diary for next year. These events will be your last chance to tell us what you would like to see in the new shop. Make the most of them and see you there!!

Tricia Minns

A Reminder about Wessex Petroleum

If you choose to purchase oil from Wessex Petroleum (freephone 0800 980 6172), please quote reference number D93 to gain a more competitive rate for yourself and to benefit our shop funds.

For sometime now, the shop has been one of the community interest projects supported by Wessex Petroleum. Wessex donate to our funds ½ p per litre for each order of domestic heating oil where the customer quotes our reference number (that equates to £5 on a 1000 litre order, so you can see how that soon adds up). We receive quarterly payments from Wessex Petroleum through this scheme which all goes into that big fundraising pot.

Many thanks to those of you who already have done so.

Christmas Opening

Mon 20th-Thursday 23rd Normal opening hours
Friday 24th Open until 1pm
Sat 25th Xmas Day Closed
Sunday 26th Boxing Day Closed
Monday 27th Bank Holiday Open until 11am
Tuesday 28th Bank Holiday Open until 11am
Friday 31st New Years Eve Open until 4pm
Sat 1st Jan New Years Day Closed