Opening Date for New Shop

Good news – we have an opening date for the new shop!!!

The provisional plan is to move the old shop stock on Sunday 8th May and Monday 9th May when the Post Office is due to be set up. There will then be a ‘soft’ opening on Tuesday 10th with new stock added through the week. The grand opening will then take place on Saturday 14th May.

Further details to follow both here and in the next Newsletter (out on 4th April).

EPOS Explained

As Customers you may have seen – or heard – the word EPOS whilst in the shop. No it is not an appeal to the God of Retailers, but an acronym for Electronic Point of Sale.

You may also have seen the Staff stabbing the screen of the display unit on the counter with a finger; this is because the screen is touch sensitive and records each touch (they are not trying to break it!!).

The EPOS is a computer system which lists every item that is on the shelves or in storage, and many that were stocked but are no longer but may return at some future date, over 3000 items in all. It also has many other functions such as calculating VAT, producing monthly sales records, providing stock movement records, minimum stock levels for re-ordering and so on.
This is all achieved by utilising the bar code which is on the majority of items. The bar code is an industry – and world – wide method of marking a product to indicate the manufacturer and its catalogue reference number. By a system of bars and spaces the code gives a 13 figure reference so that the EPOS scanner identifies the item and records the details. If some items won’t scan because of indistinct bar codes or shiny packaging there are normal numbers under the bar code which can be used.

Twice a week stocks are replenished from various suppliers and the details added to the computer records, existing stocks are topped up and new records created for new items.
These days, with so many Inspectors of this and that all eager to take our money a system like EPOS is essential to provide accurate records for these people as well as keeping our shop well stocked and running efficiently.

Derek Minns