Hale Walled Garden

Taken from: http://www.newforesttransition.org

“An exciting new project in Hale is aiming to restore a one acre walled kitchen garden which originally supplied the Hale Estate with all of its fruit, vegetables and flowers. The walls were built in the 1790s and the garden is thought to have been productive up until the 1960s. During the past few years the area has been laid to grass and used as a paddock.

Now a small group of local people has opened up the ground once again to find rich, deep loam soil, and we are busy dividing an area of around 400 m2 into 4 foot wide vegetable beds divided by 2 foot wide paths. Our ambitious plan is to grow around 30 different vegetables, with a proportion going to everyone who helps. We are planning to sell the surplus food at Woodgreen Community shop and other outlets, and re-invest the profits in the garden, perhaps buying fruit trees to grow against the walls.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Alan at alfrharding@aol.com or Paula at pdownard@lineone.net