Wick Farm

Website: http://www.wickfarm.co.uk/
Address: Wick Lane, Downton, Salisbury SP5 3NH
Tel: 01725 510962
Email: will@wickfarm.co.uk

Taken from their website:
“The Dickson family has farmed Wick Farm for 60 years. The farm provides a special blend of ancient water meadows bordering the river and then as you climb from the valley floor up to the Downs the fields become more open and well suited to cereal farming, a mix of farming that has continued for generations in the area.

Today Richard and William Dickson concentrate on four specific areas of agriculture, free range laying hens, beef cattle, a sheep flock and growing cereal crops. Both the chickens and cattle enterprises are farmed organically and so are some arable crops. The sheep and main arable enterprise are produced using conventional farming methods.

The organic free-range chickens comprise of five flocks altogether. Every one of our hens has the freedom to scratch, flap, dustbathe and benefit from the fresh air lifestyle as farmyard hens have for decades. But to meet your demands for freshness, hygiene and traceability, we have developed a modern system of free range which combines old fashioned farming virtues with all the very latest in agricultural science and technology and on a scale that ensures eggs remain affordable for every family.”