Nikki’s Little Cake Company

Nikki's Little Cake Company

Nikki's Little Cake Company

‘’I have always had a passion for baking. I vividly remember phoning my mum at work and asking her to buy ingredients on her way home so that I could try out new recipes I had found. Many years on and I am still baking and now have my own children, one of whom is coeliac and needs to follow a strict gluten free diet.

Having only ever baked for my family and friends, it was a big step for me to start baking cakes for sale but I now produce a selection of fine cakes including a speciality gluten free range for those who are coeliac or those wanting to remove gluten and wheat from their diets.

I thoroughly enjoy baking and take a real pride in my work, paying particular attention to the quality of ingredients and presentation. I provide the shop with a variety of freshly baked loaf cakes, tray bakes and cupcakes along with a selection of delicious frozen desserts which I recently introduced. If you are looking for larger party sizes, something particularly special, or a gluten free alternative, all my products can be made to order.

Nikki's Little Cake CompanyIt is a pleasure to see my products on sale in Woodgreen Community Shop, complimenting a wonderful array of other quality locally produced goods.’’

Nikki Coots

photos by Russell Sach