History and Information Kiosk

Woodgreen’s new ‘History and Information’ kiosk was officially opened on 13th October. Our Parish Council bought the old telephone box from BT (for £1!) when it was threatened with demolition and have funded its renovation and reinvention.

Many of the stories and photos that appeared in the Shop’s 2017 ‘history’ calendar are now featured in greater detail in the revamped phone box. Pop in and have a look!

Even in the phone box, there is limited space to do justice to the rich history of our area. So, we’ve put a website together to provide a more comprehensive and permanent archive for all the information we gathered when researching the 2017 calendar:


It follows the same completely arbitrary subject order as the original calendar and has extra items that didn’t make the final cut! If you have a story or photo to add, either to the archive or to display in the phone box, drop us an email.