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Christmas Shopping Evening

Once again, we will be hosting our famous Christmas Shopping evening. This year it will be on Tuesday 4th December from 6pm – 8pm.

There will be lots of yummy nibbles and live festive music from Roger Clements on accordion and Michael Bosanquet on guitar/banjo. Tom Sheldon will be here with his friends to serve up his fantastic mulled wine.

The shop will have a wide range of goodies for your Christmas table to purchase on the night. Our beautiful 2019 calendar will be on sale. We look forward to seeing you – bring your friends and neighbours – for a couple of hours of festive community spirit with Julie, Sue, Nikki and the team.


Dear Customers/Shareholders

The purpose of this message, on behalf of the WCSA, is to state clearly that the shop is impartial in its responsibilities towards the community.

Members of the shop management committee, the shop managers and their team members are being approached by some in the community who have voiced both concern and criticism that ‘the shop’ is taking sides by openly supporting one faction over another in the matter of the future of the Pub when it is not the role or responsibility of the shop to do so.

We now feel it necessary to state that such accusations of bias are totally misguided and incorrect. The Community Pub group is being treated no differently than all the other community entities who have requested similar use of the shop’s standing as an epicentre of information and distribution.  Obviously, as always, individuals connected with the shop are entitled to have their own view on community issues, but the shop as an entity has not and does not ‘take sides’ and it is a misconception to believe that it does.

Since the opening of our new premises over 6 years ago those of us directly involved with the shop have willingly accepted the fact that it has, increasingly, become an information hub for much of the local community activity. We have helped many community groups and local charitable concerns by selling tickets for concerts, parties and do’s, often supplying food and drink for these events; providing photocopying facilities, distributing and disseminating information by displaying posters on our notice board and fact sheets in our coffee area. We have recently project managed the new Village Welcome pack and the fitting out of the BT box.  There are many examples of assistance willingly given to the community over this time and on each occasion we have always treated requests for help equally and impartially.

This past couple of months we have responded likewise to requests from The Community Pub group to help disseminate relevant and timely information about the project. As usual, we agreed to information updates and questionnaires being readily available in the shop and, because the latest pub news update was subject to a restricted timescale, via the normal delivery process of our Christmas Newsletter.

Woodgreen Community Shop Association

Christmas Newsletter

The Shop’s latest newsletter is a bumper Christmas issue. It has all the ‘last posting’ dates, shop/PO opening times, and turkey/veg/bread ordering info. It has articles about the calendar, Ron’s festive wines, the recent tasting event and instructions how to write to Santa! 

‘It’s a Party!’ Tasting Event

In what has become a much sought-after ticket, the annual pre-Christmas tasting, well the second one anyway, was enjoyed by a Village Hall bursting with bonhomie, decibels and bodies. Such is the well-earned reputation of our tastings, the tickets flew off the shelf, selling in record time.

Our much-rehearsed duo, Carole and Ron, led the expectant throng through the evening’s programme of tasty delights and tipples. After a welcoming glass of Prosecco, the hampers of local foods, boosted by Phil’s goat curry and naan bread and Roy’s hot chicken, ham and leek pie, were tastefully teamed up with Ron’s carefully selected wines and beers: 2 whites, 2 reds and 2 beers in all.

With Christmas in mind, this was followed by 3 whiskies and
3 shots, adding up to a total of 12 different tastings, and countless units. A “dry’ run for Christmas it certainly wasn’t. Well done to all you doughty tipplers! Your constitutions never cease to amaze us.

Special thanks to the Shop team for putting everything together, to Julia Harding for working miracles in the kitchen, and the ‘Terrific Teens’ for looking after everyone and ensuring the smooth delivery of all the food and drinks.