This year is obviously providing us with a challenge to hold an AGM in the normal format, so we have taken advice and come up with a compromise in order to meet legislative requirements.

The restrictions for holding a public event have now changed again, so to ensure safety and to provide all shareholders with the same opportunity to vote, ask questions, or simply voice opinions we have decided to cancel the meeting and complete the process by paper and/or email.

We are distributing to all shareholders the Chair’s report, accounts and Treasurer’s report. You can also download these here:

Paper copies of these documents are also available in the shop.

Shareholders are welcome to submit questions to us by email or in writing and we will publish our responses to the questions. Votes must be received or questions submitted by 2nd October.

We are sorry not to be able to hold the event as we would have preferred – we hope you will agree that this is a reasonable compromise in the current circumstances.