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Christmas Orders

We are taking orders for your Chrsitmas turkeys, meat and all other items as follows:

Turkey/Meat :    Friday 1st December

Fruit/Veg :           Wednesday 13th December

Bread :                   Wednesday 13th December

Milk/Cream :     Thursday 14th December

Woodgreen 2018 Calendar

So much effort and artistry goes into the photography for the shop’s annual Woodgreen Calendar.

Bill Shepley explains:

“I’ve had the pleasure and challenge of producing the pictures for the 2018 calendar again this year: from freezing mornings in February shooting Hale church and its famous snowdrops, to a blisteringly hot summer’s day recording the open gardens events run by Hale and Woodgreen Horticultural Society. Our resident New Forest ponies on Woodgreen Common get a page along with the excellent steam fair based in the village hall.”

“The biggest technical challenge for the 2018 edition was photographing the oak which stands on Woodgreen Common. It won the ‘New Forest Tree of the Year’ award organised by the National Park. I wanted to shoot it at night, by the light of the moon. Not so easy. There is a very narrow time window when the moon rises in the right place, and the weather is right. The final shot was done on the 4th night of trying. The published image, below, is made up of 3 separate pictures, each lit with a single mobile light which I moved around between shots over the space of half an hour. The images were than combined into one, using a digital picture editing programme and the invaluable assistance of a photoshop expert, Dave Cousins. “

Fishy Wednesday

We’ve teamed up with Kerri’s Catch to provide fabulous quality fresh fish: monkfish, salmon, bream, tuna, plaice, anchovies, prawns and much more. Available in the car park 8.30 am to 12.30 pm every Wednesday at Woodgreen Community Shop.

Special orders can be put through on 02392 756934 up until 2 pm on a Saturday for collection the following Wednesday.

A picnic to end all picnics?

Here in Woodgreen we know how to throw a great party – a picnic to end all picnics – to celebrate all that is good in the shop, with friendship and good cheer.

Foods, of distinctly local origins, together with great wines and Ports from around Europe were lavishly served to 70 very happy souls in copious amounts.

This most generous repast, served in Julie and Sue’s picnic hampers, one per table, included local cheeses, fish pâté, pork pies, sausage rolls, pickles, chutneys, breads and apple juices.

Uncle Ron’s wines, no less than 3 whites and 3 reds, followed by 3 Ports were for tasting – not in little sips mind, but for quaffing down – enough to make sure that everyone could joyfully participate in the main purpose of the exercise.

In return, the happy revellers were challenged by Carol and Ron to rate each wine and port on a number of attributes; taste, value for money, bottle presentation, culminating with the all-important ‘would we buy it?’. The scores were digitised, analysed, crunched by massive computers, and then written up most prettily on the largest blackboard known to man – Woodgreen man that is.

Such fun, and so much valuable information for the shop to base its future wine and port offer on.

The feedback, from those still standing: “what a lovely evening, and such generous helpings of great food and drinks”. Great value, as ever, from the best local shop around.

How on earth do we follow that? Never fear, we will, next year: watch this space.